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An ideal abode during summers, Darjeeling enjoys a cool climate. Check out information on the weather of the place.

Darjeeling Weather

Darjeeling Weather Location: West Bengal
Best time to Visit: April to June & September to December
Altitude: 2,134 m (6982 ft)
Summer Temperature: Minimum - 8.5oC, Maximum - 20oC
Winter Temperature: Minimum: 1.5oC, Maximum - 6oC
Annual Rainfall: 320 cm (126 inches)

Tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas, atop the Shivalik hills, is the famous hill station of Darjeeling. It is located in the state of West Bengal, at a height of 6982 ft, and is an ideal abode for all the nature-lovers. With vast acres of tea plantations stretching around, this magnetic place lies to the east of Nepal and to the south of its neighboring state Sikkim. Its invigorating weather conditions, coupled with its alluring landscape, make the place perfect for various recreational activities. Check out this article to understand the seasonal changes and their impact on the climate of the place.

The balmy climate of Darjeeling during the summers was popular from the time of the British Raj and was a summer retreat of the Britons during their colonial rule. Summers in Darjeeling begin in April and last till the end of May. The temperature may rise to a maximum of 20oC, which makes the place ideal for vacationing, to escape the sweltering summers of the nearby plains. Nights are comparatively colder, with the temperature dropping down to a minimum of 8.5oC. Summers in Darjeeling remains ideal for hiking, rock climbing, camping and indulging in various water sports.

Because of its high altitude from the sea level, the climate in Darjeeling is generally on the cooler side. Winters in Darjeeling can be quite cold and extreme. The winter season generally lasts from the month of December to mid-February, and the temperature during these months rises to a maximum of 6oC only. Nights can be comparatively chillier with the temperature dropping down to a minimum of 1.5oC. Frequent hailstorms occur during winters and the place also receives occasional snowfall. The place becomes an ideal burrow for people who wish to enjoy the typical winter chill.

Monsoons in Darjeeling begin in the month of June and lasts till September, with July being the wettest month. During these months, the place receives heavy rainfall, accompanied by lightning and thunder. Seasonal waterfalls gush through various crevices and meanders down the valleys. But during this season, the place becomes prone to landslides, and hence poses risks for commuting through the mountain roads. So it is advisable to avoid traveling to the place during this season of showers. The best time to visit the place is between April to June and September to December; when the place radiates with all its luxury.

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